Monday, June 25, 2012

Update 06-25-12

Boy it has sure been hot around here. Temp went to 108 degrees F. today. This was a record for this area. No rain in sight and the farmers and ranchers are hurting big time. Have not done much at Bona Dea lately as I cracked my right heel trying to kill myself by falling off my back porch. Now I have 2 bad wheels. Fell a couple of years ago at Bona Dea and have nerve damage in the other foot. But back on 06-13-12 I had the opportunity to go to a very remote area in the Upper Big Piney Wilderness Area in the Ozark Mountains. Mr. Paul Ray went along and took his camera and some photos. I have them posted on facebook here. They contain shots of a homestead over 100 years old. Old original furniture, insects, birds, trees, flowers and Piney Creek. The photos here shows just a sample and their descriptions can be found at the before mentioned link above. I have a photo of my great great maternal grandfather's home close to the same area that looks like this one. Also the last photos on the album are of Freeman Springs which is on hwy 7 North of Dover, AR, USA. My grandmother used to work there years ago when people came up there to take the mineral baths and stay at the hotel or ajoining cabins. The flower shown here and several in the album shows Moore's Larkspur which is only found in this area and no where else in the world. Once again, I hope you will visit this site and see something you won't see very often.


Julie Baugh said...

Wow! That's some heat you've got there. I make that about 42C. Our typical summer temperatures are far less than that, about 25C. Here we've had rain every day for over 5 weeks now. The frogs and newts in our pond don't mind but I feel sorry for the other wildlife in our garden. Our cat has taken to sheltering under our son's climbing frame slide.

John said...

Hello Julie, its been awhile. Yes its been really hot here. But the last 2 days we finally got a break. We have had rain. Some areas around here are out of water it has been so dry. Take care!!!

Steve said...

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