Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bona Dea

Today I went to Bona Dea. The water had receeded a lot. Yesterday the trail to the spillway was flooded and so were many other areas. This is actually a flood drainage for the city of Russellville. The Corps of Engineers pump the water out of this drainage. As I arrived at the spillway a Great Blue Heron was standing in the running water waiting for a meal. A small catfish was lying on the side near by. The bird had apparently caught it and decided it was too big to swallow. It flew away when I got close but kept trying to come back. I left and snuck back and watched it fish awhile. As I left the area, I heard a big splash as if someone had thrown something in the water close by. I kept looking and saw a beaver swimming away. They use their tails to beat the water when they are startled. But I too was startled. I then made my way to the Boyscout bird blind where I saw several ducks, mostly Mallard, mulling about. That pool of water is where the ducks and geese from this area congragate when it gets dusk in the winter. I saw very small grey squirrls. Some large male cardinals. They are big out there. Also this time of year the Turkey Vulchers fly in mass at the southwest end of the Sanctuary. They roost just outside the park on a hillside. For some reason this time of year the sea gulls come in the thousands and fly all the time. I suppose they like to fly over Lake Dardanelle which is right across dike road. They have grassy fields next to Bona Dea and they land there to graze. Quite a site. Also the local hiking club "Takahik" has put up a decorated Christmas tree on a cedar tree by one of the trails. Kinda nice for the season. This is my first post so I wanted to give a description of this place and will add posts from time to time. Hope to start taking pics soon.