Sunday, March 27, 2011

Holla Bend Wildlife Refuge Update

This is a departure from Bona Dea Park. But on 11-23-11 Mr. Paul Ray made a visit from Van Buren, AR to again make use of his camera equipment. Holla Bend was actually in a transition stage from Winter into Spring. The winter wildlife residents had moved out and the spring ones not yet arrived in force. We saw some very small yellow and black and blue and white butterflies that were fluttering around and being too skittish to photograph. We did get some shots of a Mourning Dove that flew in a tree. It was one of a pair that was apparently looking for a nesting place. This is the time of year for them to to this. Also we saw a Turkey Vulture on the ground. One shot shows it with its wings spread some from the body and the other looking around over its back. This was close to the observation tower on the refuge. A really big Red-tailed Hawk was flying low to the ground apparently looking for some poor critter to catch to eat. It would dive very low to the ground and then go up high into the air. It is noted that it was very warm and windy and sunny on this day. These are 2 shots of it close to the ground and up high in the air soaring like an eagle. We had looked for a pair of Whooping Cranes but did not see them. It also has been very dry and the pools and ponds on the property with either dry or very low.The officials at the refuge showed us where they were seen just recently. So after this visit we went to the Russellville Golf Disc course on Lake Dardanelle and then to Bona Dea Park.

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