Thursday, May 19, 2011

Disc Golf Course Update

For the past few days I have been going to the Disc Golf Course again. The mosquitoes and gnats have been really bad at Bona Dea and also the Golf Course. So I have not been prowling around on the trails very much. Especially close to any water. So these photos were taken at the Disc Golf Course. I saw this man in a boat going under the iron bridge that I was walking on so I thought this would be a barber pole boat. Wonder why?? At Pleasant View park and the Golf Course there are several families of Canadian Geese and just had to take a cute shot of this gosling by itself. There were some pretty purple very small wildflowers growing in the turf of the Disc Golf Course. They are Common Venus' Looking-glass- Triodanis perfoliata. The one with 5 petals. There were several long tooth brush looking bluish lavender wildflowers growing from small tender vines. These are Cow Vetch-Vicia cracca. They are a different variety from that taken on a recent post. Then a group pic showng them close together in bunches. There was a group of real pretty tall yellow wildflowers growing together and no where else in the park that I saw. The are Large-flower Tickseed- Coreopsis grandiflora. Look at the pretty pattern on the large yellow bloom. Right close to the parking lot there was a bird at the edge of the water I saw while driving away. I had to stop and take a closer look at this wading bird. It was a Yellow-crowned Night Heron-Nyctanassa violacea. It looks pretty serious don't it.

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