Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bona Dea deer, plants Update

Bona Dea was hot and sunny today,Friday. We were supposed to get rain a day to two ago but no go. I have 2 photos of a Common Hoptree. One shows the white blooms closeup and the other shows the blooms and leaves. And 2 photos of a Sweetgum Tree and then a single leaf. The Hoptrees are all over the park. So are the Sweetgum Trees but these photos were taken of one at the spillway. Yesterday I saw a Whitetail Deer on the dike close to my parking place when I was leaving. The yellow mushroom is a Cantharellus minor, what a name, on the deer trail above the spillway. The Green Heron is still on her nest and is not afraid of me anymore as she did not move when I went there to feed the fish. Mr. Flathead Catfish came to eat today. Not really much bird activity at the park today. It is getting so hot they are not moving around much. However a Belted Kingfisher was on Waldon Pond looking for a fish to catch. Also I noticed that several Dragonflies were darting over the water and actually dipping their abdomen into the water. These are females that are depositing their eggs which will hatch into larva. Very interesting!!! In the woods the small moths were flying close to the ground. Haven't seen Mr. Alligator in some time now. Must be too hot to move around much.


shaz said...

i miss Mr.Aligator in this post but Nice catch of Green leaf...Keep working

John said...

shaz, I like the animals and birds better too. I am trying to catch up on the trees at the park as I did not do much with them. It is getting hot and dry and the wildlife will not be stirring around too much.