Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bona Dea Butterfly Photos

These photos were taken on Sunday, August 29th. The photo showing the 2 smaller dark grayish butterflies are of a Question Mark on the left and a Red Admiral on the right. They were really looking each other over and would touch each other and fly away and then come back together again. They are different species and really looked odd together on the willow tree trunk. Also there is another variety of the Question Mark that is shown in the photo showing a single butterfly in front of what looks like a sky background and is very light gray. When it opens up showing the top view it is in the photo showing the pretty yellow with small and large brown spots with the wings spread out on a leaf. They really look different when closed or opened up. There is a photo of the above mentioned Red Admiral butterfly opened up with wings spread out. The photo looks blurred as it was moving its wings pretty fast. It is the one showing the top view on a tree trunk and a semi-circle of orange color with white spots on the outside. The other photo shows a Viceroy butterfly with its very pretty orange and black spider web pattern wings spread apart with a Question Mark butterfly messing with it. That was a day gone to the butterflies.

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