Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bona Dea and Sequoyah State Park Updates

Bona Dea has been very cold the last few weeks. There has been some snow and ice off and on and the creeks and ponds have ice on them all the time. I have been feeding the deer and doves and looks like some raccoons and other birds. Can tell by their tracks. Need to get a game camera and see what all comes around. I have been there after dark a lot of times and today, Friday, I saw walking along on a very cloudy and overcast night and pretty dark and heard what sounded like someone throwing a very big rock in the water by the trail. It did it again a little farther down. I figured it was a Beaver but did not see it. They flap their tails when trying to warn others of impending dangers. I heard this a few weeks back at the exact same place and swore that someone was on the other side and throwing rocks to scare me. Also the last few nights there has been a Barred Owl hooting, calling, for its mate. Also at exactly the same place. In fact, I heard the owl a couple of times and then the Beaver doing its thing. It was sorta scary. If it was Halloween, I would have probably took off to the moon. Also the Turkey Vultures have been swarming overhead just before dark going round and round and landing in various trees close to Waldon Way Trail. I took a photo shown here some time back of what they have been looking like. Hugh black buzzards with a bare red featherless head.The Canadian Geese are flying in flocks overhead and landing in Black Water Swamp for their nightly stay. Also several varieties of ducks doing the same. Where I feed the chopped corn, there are hugh roosts of Mourning Doves. They have a habit of drinking water just before roosting for the night and then roost compacted together in a cedar tree that has thick branches for winter weather protection. My friend Paul Ray went to Sequoyah State Park in Eastern Oklahoma USA last week and took some interesting photos. The ones I have posted here besides the roosting Turkey Vultures are his photos. One is of a Bald Eagle on its nest. Then a passing car scared it off and he took this photo of it in flight. Also a closeup of a Red-shouldered Hawk in a tree close by. Then an American Wigeon duck. The one with the green mark on the head in the water behind some weeds. And a Gadwal duck. The lone duck one the water with the black rump. Here is a link to see all the photos he sent me.

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