Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bona Dea Update

Last Wednesday I went to Bona Dea and took this photo of the currently numerous Common Blue Violet wildflowers. They were all along the Swinging Bridge Trail all the way down to Prairie Creek. I also went to the Springbeauty plants seen and photoed the day before, as shown in post below, and took another shot of the whole plant as shown below. On the trail between Waldon and Goose Ponds there was a Field Sparrow that was just singing away. I was surprised to see and hear it at that location. Took this photo of it. I had not fed the fish in quite a while so I went to the Spillway to do just that. Wow!!! they were waiting for me. There were several Flathead catfish. Some pretty good size. I took these 2 photos. The Bluegill Brim pan fish were larger than last year and plentiful. There were some small Musk Turtles rising from the bottom to the top to feed on the pellets. Also a large Red-eared turtle had to come for some feed. Saturday I went back to the Russellville Disc Golf Course and walked around seeing what was there and I saw this lizard running around and ended up on a tree trunk. It was a Prairie Lizard. I took these 2 photos and when enlarging them you can see the blue throat and belly. This means it is a male in breeding season. Also note that most of its tail is missing. They loose their tail very easily in getting away from prey etc.

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