Friday, April 15, 2011

Bona Dea/Disc Golf Course Update

Bona Dea and other park areas have gotten some much needed rainfall in the past week or so. The water pools at Bona Dea are filling up now. I have been going to the Disc Golf Course quite a bit lately as it compliments Bona Dea quite a bit. It is located a little over a mile as a crow flies and is on Lake Dardanelle also. The photos I have posted here are at the Course. The small solid yellow flower is a Early Buttercup-Ranunculus fascicularis-wildflower. The 4 petal opaque or transparent small flower is a Stemless Evening Primrose-Oenothera triloba-wildflower. It really is a pretty flower. The plant showing a white 5 petal flower is a Highbush or Common Blackberry vine-Rubus allegheniensis. This flower will turn into a delicious blackberry. They make wine and jellies out of it. Really a tart/sweet flavor with this wild variety. As I was leaving the Course on 04-10-11 I had my camera off and not ready for anything and when I approached the small bridge to the parking lot, this American Mink was running on one side and this suddenly crossed in front of me. I had to scramble to get the camera on and up for a unfocused shot. You can see it really is running. Then I got another shot of it in the water on the other side. It climbed on bank and was walking around and then disappeared. I thought it might have a den over there. The next day I went to that area and looked all over but could not find its den. Also on a recent day there were several of these pretty yellow Eastern Tiger Swallowtail-Papilio glaucus-butterflies on a very smelly shrubbery that was in the middle of the Course. Also while looking for the butterflies on the same shrubbery the next day I saw this larvae. A Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle or Lady Bug larvae-Harmonia axyridis. This worm like insect will actually turn into a LADY Bug soon. Really quite amazing. Look at those spines on that thing. There is really quite a bit of plant and animal wildlife in this particular area as also noted in very recent posts

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