Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bona Dea Update

Bona Dea was mostly sunny until late in the afternoon and clouds rolled in. Ice and Snow expected in next 48 hours. I learned from a bird expert that the white headed duck I saw yesterday was more than likely a wild/domestic mix. If they have large spots of white in a mixed pattern or on the entire head this is likely. The Turkey Vulchers were at their roost for awhile then found another spot further east. Several flocks of Canadian Geese went over head to their overnight spot as usual this time of year along with some Blue Teal and Mallard Ducks but not as many as usual. Saw a group of Black-eyed Junco birds, photo in a previous recent post, and a group of Black-capped Chickadees. Both type birds looked like they were moving around together. See photo of Chickadee.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that is a cute chickadee. :)

There are also passerines here but not fluffy white like that. Their feathers range from black to light brown and are mostly monochromatic. Sparrows perhaps?

What we have more of here are water birds, like egret and mallard.

John said...

You should do like me and take photos and post them on a website or blog etc. You would have things we don't have here also. Can't wait for Spring as birds will be migrating through. Those that don't stay here year round. I see big snakes and really large turtles and an aligator at the park. I play with the gator. He likes to be scratched on his back and head but don't mess with his snout. I may start taking food there for the birds. I would have a photo field day that way. Later!!!

Anonymous said...

I would take photos if I had the proper equipment. Point and shoot will not do it, and that's what I have now. I went to a swamp last year and saw lots of egrets and avocets. I think it's better to just birdwatch first; I could shoot em later (I mean with a camera...LOL).

Enjoy your nature-trippin. Lookin forward to new photos from you.