Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bona Dea Update

Bona Dea still had a lot of snow on the ground. At the trail by the spillway there were more deer tracks from yesterday. There were people all around the Snowman couple taking pictures of themselves as shown in the previous post. It seems that the Crow birds are now coming in. I saw some in town also. From this time on there will be migration of all types of birds coming through. Can't wait to see. There has been a male Protronatary Warbler coming by the spillway area the last 2 years. This bird is beautiful. A bright yellow. See photo of one here. I hope to see some big needle nose Softshell turtles and Snaper turtles. I feed the fish and small musk turtles come to eat. Have to run the fish off to let the turtles feed. Hope to take some pics of that. On my way down Swinging Bridge trail my old friend the Great Blue Heron was in Goose Pond right next to me on the trail. At one point he was wading up to his breast. I shot this photo of him or her. Also the ducks and most of the geese will be migrating out north and the The Turkey Vulchers will be leaving their roosting spots and going to parts unknown to their nesting grounds. I will miss them as I see them every day in the winter. Except some of the Vulchers will fly in from time to time to forge on any dead wildlife. Also in late February the daffadil flowers will start to bloom here and some bushes will start to flower. Hope to get some friends help me identify the plants. There are also wild roses all over the place as well as formosa trees and red buds. The crape myrtles are all over the parking area but they don't bloom until the summer months.

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