Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bona Dea Update

Bona Dea was snow covered today. Very beautiful. Someone had made a Mr. and Mrs. Snowman in the parking area. This is a photo. I walked down Swinging Bridge trail to the spillway area. There were deer tracks all over. The only tracks in that area were the deer and mine. Several spots showing where they had rooted thru the snow looking for roots to eat. Woodland Sparrows were scratching through the snow finding something to eat. Several Black-eyed Junco birds doing the same. The Turkey Vulchers were on their usual roost and not flying around too much. I jumped several dozen Mallard Ducks who flew from the creek to Black Water Swamp. Some of them were standing around on the bank. I then walked over to the boyscout bird blind on Black Water Swamp, see photo of blind, and saw several Teal and Mallard ducks. It was a site to watch others fly in and land and all would just chatter away welcoming them in. Or maybe threatening them to not mess with their spouses. All ponds were lightly iced over except of Waldon Pond for some reason. The spillway was running pretty good and it looked like the deer did not want to walk in the spillway and walked around below on the bank. The air just seems so fresh and clean after a snowfall.

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