Monday, February 1, 2010

Bona Dea Update

Bona Dea was thawing out more today. Late in the afternoon there was a beautiful sunset with the sun behind the white and gray clouds and in the cloud breaks there were shades of pink here and there. Should have taken my camera along. On Goose Pond there was a small group of Northern Shoveler ducks and Mallard Ducks. In past years there have been more Shovelers in that area. It is noted here that since the winter of 04/05 there have been less and less ducks and geese at the sanctuary. Also the same with the mammal and reptiles. My theory is that climate change has an effect but also this sanctuary is also a drainage for the City of Russellville. The last 2 years have seen this area flood several times a year. When this happens I believe the turtles and snakes in particular get drowned in their hibernation. The snakes usually take to higher ground but these recent floods have had a very high water mark. Also during the spring and summer months these creatures have their young and they just don't survive that kind of destruction. We'll see this year if it is dryer and more productive. Actually today, the most wildlife activity was at my home. I recently put out sunflower seeds, I should have more throughout the winter, and the Fox Squirrels and Eastern Wrens and American Goldfinches and House Finches had a feast. I had to keep going out to run the squirrels away. They get all kinds of food around here including other birdfeeders and acorns anyway. Look at a recent post to see the difference between a Winter Wren and the Carolina Wren. The Carolina Wrens here today were just singing away. They did not like to wait on the squirrel at the feeder. I'm going to have squirrel for dinner one of these days. Kidding!!! Also the American Goldfinch is in winter dress. This means his bright yellow color has faded to an olive green. Just wait in about a month. To see good photos of these creatures I mentioned above click on these links then click back to this page:

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