Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bona Dea Update

Today, Tuesday, Bona Dea was mostly sunny and a little windy and cool. There were several American Crows flying around the dead wood on Lake Dardanelle by the park. The fish were fed at the spillway along with a small Musk Turtle and the same Red Eared Slider Turtle. Down by old swinging bridge on Prairie Creek there were a pair of Wood Ducks. They seem to hang out there. Bill Bullfrogs were Croaking along swinging bridge trail. Northern Cardinals and a few Blue Jay birds were chirping in the woods and I also heard a Woodpecker hammering away. Did not see any Geese today. But by the pumping station I saw some newly blooming plants and had to take some photos. The 2 showing the larger white flowers are White Wild Rose vines and the 2 photos with the smaller white flowers are Common White Yarrow wildflowers. At the spillway a Green Heron flew by. This is a wading bird that catches fish. Photo. Also a Prairie Warbler landing in the tree tops and was really singing away. It is a small yellow bird. Photo. Also while feeding the fish, I saw a really big Bass fish. They feed on the smaller Brim that I feed but it did not bother them while I was there. I have seen them attack the smaller fish before. There was a gray squirrel hopping on the ground nearby. The trees are really getting to be fully leafed out and that makes it hard to see the birds now. The basking turtles were on the logs in Goose Pond and Waldon Pond. Haven't seen snakes in some time now or any Soft-Shell Turtles this year. Maybe that will come later.

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