Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bona Dea Update

Bona Dea started out in the afternoon as mostly sunny and cold and turned to cloudy and cold and a little windy. Rain expected in next 24 hours. I went to a Arkansas Tech University Softball game and saw them win both games of a doubleheader.Just had to put a photo of the game in. A wildlife event occured when I noticed several hundred Gulls on the ground in a field behind the ballpark. They were close to cattle in a field near by. They were all over the place on Tech's farm on the ground. Photos here. One interesting thing happened was that a Tern like bird, like a Gull but smaller, was flying overhead and a Gull saw it and started chasing it all over the place. After the game I went over the Bona Dea. A Great Blue Heron was flying down alligator ally. There were not many small birds out as usual but did see a pretty male Cardinal and some woodland Sparrows, mostly the White Throated variety. Flocks of Canadian Geese flew to Blackwater Swamp. Also the Corps of Engineers brought their crain in to clean out the pumping station. They do this once or twice a year. Photo here. Also a photo of what they are cleaning out. The Turkey Vulchers were at their usual afternoon roosting spot. The local running club had posted signs that they were having a valentine sweetheart run there later this month. So you can bring your sweethearts and get all sweaty together.


Schnicka said...

Really enjoying your photographs, I live in a hot climate, so quite a change from here :-)

John said...

Thanks so much for your comment. In this area in the summer months it usually is hot and dry. But the last 2 years have seen in abnormally cooler and more wet. Especially in 2009. This area in 2009 broke the all time record for rainfall. Thanks for reading this journal and welcome back anytime.