Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bona Dea Update

Bona Dea was mostly cloudy and cold. No precipation as expected. I would like to see a little more snow. I went to Old Shorty Trail first off. There was a single flock of Bushtit birds flying around and landing on the ground searching for food. Several pretty red male Cardinal birds were flying about. The Robins were all over the park and in town. Also some Starling black birds were around the same area. I then went to the other end of the park and down the highway, I did not see any Cormorants as usual. On Waldon Pond close to the small island, there was the trusty Great Blue Heron. He stayed there awhile and then flew off. At the spillway you could see a few Turkey Vulchers on their roosting spot but not as many as most of the time. When warmer weather comes they will not longer roost in the park but will occasionally fly over year round looking for something dead to eat. There were some Sparrows by the swinging bridge. I believe these were Fox Sparrows or White-throated Sparrows. I did not get close enough to see. Also more male Cardinals at the trail head. A Small flock, 4 or 5, Canadian Geese flew over head. Probably to Black Water Swamp. The interesting thing today was seeing either a Beaver or Muskrat swimming across Waldon Pond. It stopped a few feet from bank and disappeared underwater. Did not see him again and could not get close enough to I.D. for sure. For those of you that haven't seen either one of these critters, check the link at the right under mammals and put their names in the search box to see pictures and discriptions. I will be taking photos later on when they come out in mass when warmer weather appears. This February will be one of the coldest February's in this area in recorded history. Don't know what this will mean for the wildlife here. I suppose it depends on what happens weather wise this spring and summer.


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