Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bona Dea Update

Bona Dea was very cloudy today. Snow was expected later. After climbing down the dike and getting on the trail, the first thing I saw was the most interesting. It was a flock of Eastern Bluebirds. I don't think I have seen them there in the winter. But resources say they are here in this area year around. They were cold and shriveled up but flew all over the place. Photo of a Bluebird. Also, I have been talking a lot about the numerious Gulls that are all over the place and fly by the hundreds. They are seen in parking lots here of fast food places as they look for scraps. These are Ring-billed Gulls. They are mixed with Herring Gulls that fly in hugh numbers overhead. See photo examples with the one with the black ring on the bill. At the old swinging bridge area, I saw numbers White-throated Sparrow and photos in recent past posts and then the tiny Fox Sparrows. See photo. The sparrows reallyscratch the ground feeding. They have to find a bare spot in the snow. Also saw the Northern Flicker woodpecker again. It is noisy when it flies off. The Turkey Vulchers, photos is previous recent posts, were at their usual roosting spot and just a few flying close by it. The Spillway was still running and quite a bit of old snow and ice on the ground and in the bare trees. When I got close to Prarie Creek, I spooked a flock of Mallard Ducks. They spooked me too. On the way out I saw a pretty male Northern Cardinal. I think the prettiest bird around here. I like red anyway. On the previous post I mentioned the sound of the Pileated Woodpecker. I have enclosed the direct link to this sound. Just click on the sound box at the white arrow.

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