Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bona Dea Update

Bona Dea started out mostly sunny and turned mostly cloudy. It was still windy but not so cold. Goose Pond on the south side next to a high bank for shade was still icy. This was out swinging bridge trail. I saw a new woodpecker today. It had a noticible big red spot on the back of this head and a splashed black and white body. It was a Red-bellied Woodpecker. They are very active and their call is very short and rapid. It flew all over the place and the last time I saw it was at the spillway where in landed on a limb and just pecked away at the same spot for several minutes. In this same area were several Bushtits. These are small and bluish/gray birds with a tail about as long as their very small body. They were mixed with a group of Black-capped Chickedees. Also by the swinging bridge I saw a Northern wren on the ground by a large tree truck. It scampered away pretty fast. Pic in a recent post. A flock of the brown speckeled Mourning Doves flew overhead. It must be nearing Springtime when they start coming around like that. Robins were around on the ground as usual and flocks of blackbirds were starting to migrate heading west. The Gulls were out in force as usual flying high overhead. Numerous Turkey Vulchers were flying in a tight squad in difference places and flying low. Also at the old snag in Lake Dardanelle that I have been mentioning lately, there was a lone Double-crested Comorant. It was spreading its wings outstreached all the way and then flapping them. The pic in a recent post in just like the pose I saw today. The Blue Birds were still in the area and I suppose this means they are scouting out a nesting place. There used to be bird houses for them all around but they have rotted and fell off their posts. Shame some nature groups don't install them around the park again. Same way with the Wood Duck boxes. There are more of these but most have disappeared. I have attached a pic of the daffidils at my house that have sprung up already. In case you didn't believe me before. They have for weeks now and snow still on the ground in places. Also a Great Blue Heron was flying over the trail to parts unknown. They are about through with cleaning out the pumping station area but still pumping water out so that the creek is so low the ducks are not staying in the creek very much. Will be happy when this process is over. They have moved the big crane machine off the premises.

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