Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bona Dea Update

Bona Dea was bright and sunny and warmer with no wind today. There were no Cormorants on Lake Dardanelle but there were some gulls on the water there. See photo. On Waldon Way Trail and Swinging Bridge Trail there were Northern Cardinals singing away. Several Canadian Geese and Ducks were on Black Water Swamp and very noisy. They are getting ready to separate and leave for nesting sites. Some will stay in the area and try to next. But there are a lot of preditors here and it floods quite a bit in the nesting sites. But baby Geese are really cute and the parents really protect them. I have had them grab me unmentionable places. Doesn't feel to good. Forgot to mention that yesterday there were a few Red Bats flying over Waldon Pond. The insects have not started to move around much but they must have been finding something to eat. Down at the old swinging bridge, I shot a photo of a woodpecker tree. As you can see it looks like a big Pileated Woodpecker has gotten a hold of it as well as smaller woodpeckers. While in that area, a Robin was close by and it was in a low bush and then decided it wanted to be friends and just came hopping up to me. Sorry I didn't have any worms. Photo of it in the bush and then next to me. Also had a visit with 2 local collage students who were studying birds for their class project. They had a bird I.D. book and binoculars and were really getting into it. We discussed what we had seen out here.

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