Friday, March 5, 2010

Bona Dea Update

Bona Dea was sunny and a lot warmer today. There were the usual Robins around. Canadian Geese and Mallard and Blue-winged Teal ducks were flying over to Black Water Swamp. At the old Swinging Bridge, late in the evening the Mourning Doves were flying down Prarie Creek to their roosting trees. In this area and on Waldon Pond, Red Bats were flying around looking for food. The Bushtits were still around and on the ground and in the trees. Some single flying Turkey Vulchers were circling overhead at times. Also saw a few Black-capped Chickedees at the spillway. Took a hike across the trail west of the spillway and saw a lot of deer tracks. The authorities have closed off Waldon Trail and have dug a ditch to drain the water into Waldon Pond. Beaver Trail off Waldon Trail has been closed for some time due to high water above the bridge. I suppose the ditch is to drain the water enough to raise the bridge or to put a culvert in to maybe keep the water lower than the bridge. Saw a Gray Squirrel over close to Button Bush Bayou. Took a pic but it was too fuzy to show here. I went over to see if the lone Aligator had come out from his winter sleep to sit on its favorite log before migrating over to Waldon Pond. Looked light something was sitting on the far side of the log but could not see good enough and had no binoculars and camera would not pick up. I took the spillway trail back again and saw a pair of Mallard Ducks fly out of Goose Pond. There were some Great Blue Herons flying around. And a stange site was seeing one by the Post Office in town, Russellville. This was in the middle of town and it was there. Hummmm. Before I left the residence I heard a Carolina Wren singing away close to the bird feeder but never saw it close by. Robins were all over the yard though. Some try to next on my front doorway light fixture attached to the house each year and sometimes Mourning Doves will do the same. Don't know why such birds are attached to that light fixture. I have to put a box on top to keep them out. They are too messy to let right there by the door. If its Doves this year, I might let them have it this time. I took a very dark picture of a male Northern Cardinal on the ground close to me at the head of Swinging Bridge trail. Maybe you can click on the pic for a closer look.


Amy said...

How fun! I love your blog! So glad you found me!

John said...

Thanks for your comment Amy. There will be more happening here since Spring has Sprung.