Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bona Dea Update

Bona Dea was cold and cloudy and very windy today. I went to the park twice this day and the first time I went on Old Shorty Trail by the eastern parking area. Along this trail I saw a fleeting glimps of what looked like a Red-bellied Sapsucker that I have seen there a few times before. Northern Cardinals in pairs and of course the usual Robins just all over the place. Some American Crows flying around. Saw some Black-eyed Juncos that I thought had already migrated out. Also some Carolina Chickadees. Also saw a single Blue Jay. Then some birds that I have seen there before but could not I.D.for sure. Will talk about them later. Also same some woodland sparrows and pretty sure they where the White-throated variety. I also saw a single Fox Squirrel that fled when it saw me and I did not see it again. There was a single Downy Woodpecker flying from tree to tree.Also saw a single Mockingbird. I left the park and returned later in the afternoon and this time I went on Parkway Hwy. and saw 6 Double-crested Cormorants on the old snag in Lake Dardanelle. This time I saw several Pied-billed Grebes swimming around the same area and diving and coming up some distance later. Also Gulls were floating around and flying overhead. I parked and then went to Swinging Bridge Trail. I went to the old swinging bridge but did not see much down there. Did not see ducks which was unusual but the authorities had started pumping the water out of Prarie Creek and it was very low. Ducks don't like that and there was no reason to pump that water out as usual. There were Turkey Vultures and some American Crows flying around. Also just outside the park on the way there I saw a flock of Starlings. I hope they move on out. Just really a nuisance. But at the spillway the Carolina Chickadees were still in the area. Also saw a Tufted Titmouse and then the birds I saw on Old Shorty Trail. I did some research and I believe them to be Blue-headed Vireos. They act like chickadees in behavior in that they fly from tree to tree and limb to limb looking for insects and have the color and markings of a Goldfinch without the yellow coloring. Also got a quick look at a Wren that was probably a Winter Wren of Carolina Wren. Could have been a Swamp Wren as there was water close by but it was not looking for food in the wet places like a Swamp Wren. Also again saw a Downy Woodpecker. Also some Northen Cardinals and Robins. I left that area and decided to walk over to Bullfrog Pond in hopes of seeing a White tailed Deer. I did not see a deer but got a bigger surprise. I don't know if I have seen these at the park before or not but I did this time. Just above the pumping station on Prarie Creek I saw 2 pairs of Ruddy Ducks. These are really pretty ducks. They are short bodied with big heads for their size and blue on the head and beak and they swim with their short tails straight up in the air. They were sorta staying by themselves and 2 pairs of bigger Mallard Ducks were swimming up to them and they did not seem to like that the Mallards where coming around them. They pretty much looked them over and probably said something nasty. FI walked to past and then turned around later and came back and just watched the Ruddys for a good while since that was something unusual for me. But in that area I saw a Northern Flicker as it few from tree to tree. I usually see them at old swinging bridge. The Downy Woodpeckers are small woodpeckers speckled with black and white and with a small red spot on head but did not see the red spot on either of the 2 I saw today. On swinging bridge trail close to where I saw the Wren, I saw a Trush and I believe it was a Hermit Thrush that I saw at almost the same place a short time ago.

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