Monday, March 22, 2010

Bona Dea Update

Bona Dea was mostly sunny and pretty cold and windy. It was still wet on the grounds from the one inch and a third of rainfall over the past couple of days. There were 2 or 3 Cormorants on the snag on Lake Dardanelle and yesterday in the cold and wind and rain there were 6. Gulls were flying all over the place. A few Turkey Vultures were flying around. On Swinging Bridge Trail and surrounding areas several American Crows were around. More of them than I have seen so far this year. On Goose Pond the pair of Canadian Geese where still there and then crossed over the trail in Waldon Pond. They are still pondering where to nest. Hopefully there won't be flooding during nesting time as they have been flooded out many times in the past. At the spillway there were a pair of Downy Woodpecker who made love almost at the exact spot the Pileated Woodpeckers did the other day. This must be lovers lane or something. Carolina Chickadees were heard and seen in this area. Also some Acadian Flycatchers were flying about the trees. Also a Eastern Phoebe Flycatcher came in for a visit. A Northern Flicker Woodpecker landed in a tree close by and then flew across Waldon Pond. Blue-wing Teal Ducks flew over to Black Water Swamp and other Geese were heard over there. Right below the spillway on Prarie Creek a Belted Kingfisher flew real close to me and then flew downstream making its usual sounds. Photo is of one. Also this is a link to a page where you can click on the calls they make to hear what they sound like whenever they are flying: On the way out of Swinging Bridge Trail there were a flock of Yellow-rumped Warblers eating the tree buds on a tree and a pair of Northern Cardinals were in there with the Warblers eating the buds too. Some woodland Sparrows flew around the bushes in that area. A single Tufted Titmouse landed in a tree on the water at the Spillway and really started singing. I have seen several this year and haven't heard them calling or singing. This is a link to that sound: This is the gray bird with the topnot on its head. Several flocks of Boattailed Grackles were flying over the park westward.


rainboy said...

nice blog umm u a bird lover?

John said...

Well, I suppose so. I really like nature in general. Really can't wait for the other creatures like snakes, turtles, aligator, beavers, musk rats, coons, minks, deer etc. start coming around.
Thanks a lot for your comment. Come back for a visit some time.