Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bona Dea Update

Bona Dea today was mostly sunny and a lot warmer and no wind. There were 3 Cormorants on their perch in Lake Dardanelle and a few Pied-billed Grebe small ducks dabling around the lake. Gulls were over the lake and park flying everywhere. They are still working on the place by parkway hwy. They have got the trees trimmed down and removed and looks like they are dumping and spreading shale to make a road. It goes to the pumping station. They had a way in on the opposite side but this may give them a way to get heavier equipment in. Going toward Swinging Bridge Trail the red bud trees were now in full bloom. Will take a photo soon. Also some wildflowers of the wild violet type, purple and some yellow ones. At my neighbors house there is a very pretty Crabapple Tree starting to bloom. These photos are of the blossoms and full tree. No very good photos for some reason. At the spillway I have the Bluegill Brim fish a favorite treat. I soaked the hard feed pellets in water and when they got soft, I fed the fish. They were crazy over it. Overhead the sorta unusual site of the flock of Black Vultures were flying overhead. They are prettier than the Turkey Vultures. Several big black American Crow birds flew all over the park. Down at the old swinging bridge a Northern Flicker Woodpecker was heard calling for its mate and then the call changed indicating that it had found its mate. Basking turtles were out on the snags and logs in the ponds. I left that area and went to Old Shorty Trail and more birds were there. Robins were on the ground around the picnic tables and I noticed that one of the trees that was bent down low was now broken and hanging low over the trail. Apparently some kids had jumped on it for a ride and it couldn't take the weight. There were flocks of Fox Sparrows in the low ground cover and on the ground scratching away for food. A Mockingbird was heard and not seen in one of the big trees. Northern Cardinals were singing all over. I noticed an unusual site in that a group of 9 of those Cormorants seen in Lake Dardanelle were flying south which was the way into town. Hummm? Pairs of Canadian Geese few over. I am pretty sure I saw and heard singing away a Blue-headed Vireo Warbler bird. It few by pretty fast but then started to sing a sound I heard on All About Birds website. Link shown on the blog. Photo. Acadian Flycatchers were in this area hunting insects high in the trees.

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