Monday, March 8, 2010

Bona Dea Update

Bona Dea was the warmest yet of this year,this was sunday posted on Monday,and sunny and turning partly cloudy late in afternoon. Ducks and Geese were heard talking to each other in Black Water Swamp. Some ducks were flying overhead on Swinging Bridge trail and flocks and pairs of Canadian Geese were flying over as well. Across Swinging bridge you could hear Pileated Woodpeckers calling out to each other and drumming on the trees. Also smaller woodpeckers could be heard probably the Red-bellied ones as seen there a lot. At the spillway the Chickedees were in flocks there as they were yesterday. Also at the spillway were some flycatchers trying to catch insects high in the trees. By their sounds and description of flying and diving and stopping in flight etc. these must have been the Acadian Flycatchers. Photo. Also there were 2 difference types of species of Vultures. Most of them out there that I have talked about a lot in the past few months were Turkey Vultures. They have red totally bare heads and a more brownish black all over color. However today there were a least 2 Black Vulters flying direction overhead and easy to I.D. They have white tipped wings and a dark gray or black bare head. Photos of these 2 types. Northern Cardinals could be seen and heard in the area. The usual basking turtles either Red-eared Slider or Common Map Turtles were on their favorite snag in Goose Pond again. The water in Prarie Creek was still low. Too low for the waterfowl. Robins were out but not as many as usual. They are probably pairing up for the breeding season. American Crows were flying around the park and being a little noisy. Yesterday we heard a Barred Owl screeching away. Did not hear one today.


Anonymous said...

That first photo is your best!

John said...

Thanks AJ. You need to come here so we can go hunt for the aligator.