Friday, March 19, 2010

Bona Dea Update

Bona Dea was mostly sunny and mild. Rain expected in a day or two. It looks like they are moving some heavy equipment in on the west side of the park to do some serious digging. Interesting to see what they are up to. There wasn't a whole lot of wildlife activity but the Northern Cardinals were really singing the signs of spring. Robins were in the open areas of the park and not in the woods so much. The Acadian Flycatchers were around Swinging Bridge Trail and the spillway. While feeding the Blue Gill fish, one of the Pileated Woodpeckers flew in a tree close to me and then flew off after seeing me. Some Field Sparrows flew down below the spillway. They seem to like the muddy wet ground there to find something to eat. Carolina Chickadees were heard in the woods. I went on down to the old swinging bridge where it is damp and muddy and swarms of Mosquitos and Gnats decided I was a quick snack. One got my neck pretty good. These are photos of what they look like close up. First one is the Mosquito. The woods started to color a bit with White Flowering or budding trees. Maybe large White Dogwoods. Photo. A pair of Canadian Geese flew into Waldon Pond in front of me and they got out and walked over Swinging Bridge Trail into Goose Pond. They are now looking for a place to nest. Flocks of Blue-teal Geese flew over. Also the Gulls were flying very high today for some reason. A few Turkey Vultures were flying around. The basking turtles were out sunning themselves again today. Strange that there are no more Squirrels around since its getting warmer. The yellow Daffodil flowers that I took a photo of recently are gone. I took a closer look and someone decided to take some home apparently. You're not suppose to destroy any plants or wildlife at this park. Unfortunately you will see dead snakes on the trail where some people just have to kill for the enjoyment of it. There were some young aligators on the trail some time ago and someone had killed both of them. This time of year several people come out to walk or run or take there small kids and dogs for a stroll.


About Taiyon's Image said...

What a great article. You keep me connected with the many living things in nature besides us Humans.

John said...

Thanks for your comment. I know what you mean. It is a good way to get away and refresh yourself every once in awhile.