Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bona Dea Alligator Update

Bona Dea was sunny and a little on the warm side. The water had receded even more and Prairie Creek had gone done to normal and a little less since they had been pumping water for a couple of days in a row. By the old swinging bridge you could see where the water line where the water had risen to after the last heavy rain. It was way up over the bushes and into the trees on the bank. Fed the Brim fish at the spillway and the Red Eared Slider turtle returned to get his share. You can see that the water was still coming over it. Went Alligator hunting and found it. One of the photos shows a good shot of its teeth and inside its mouth. The big fullfrogs were croaking quite a bit on Goose Pond. But did not see one to photo. A photo here of one taken last month.
The Belted Kingfisher bird was heard around Waldon Pond and on Prairie Creek looking for fish for supper. The Crows were flying around and also saw the pair of Green Herons flying over Waldon Pond. The Baltimore Oriole bird was heard in the area also. Northern Cardinals were singing away. The Gnat bugs were very thick after the sun went low. The fishing has really picked up across the way in Lake Dardanelle. There is no fishing, hunting or camping allowed in Bona Dea. Some people try to sneak in to fish but not many. Saw a bird that looked like a Red Eyed Vireo but not sure about that on swinging bridge trail and also saw either a Crested Flycatcher or Eastern Phoebe in the bushes on the other side of Goose Pond.


Brenda Allen said...

You have very interesting articles.

John said...

Thanks a lot Brenda. Come back when you can!!!!