Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bona Dea Heron, Snake,Insects, Flood Update

Bona Dea had about 2.5 inches of rain last night. The park was flooded to the extent you could not walk all the trails. I have a video posted above showing the flood waters on Prairie Creek by the Big Bridge. Also a photo here of a young man deciding to walk into the flooded waters on the trail. He said it did not look too bad and then ended up waste deep. Hope he didn't drown or get eaten by the Alligator. Also a photo of a plain or yellow bellied watersnake by the Big Bridge. Also some photos of a blue male and green female Common Pondhawk Dragonflies and then a female Common Whitetail Dragonfly. All and landed on the Big Bridge. Also a photo of a Northern Pearly-eye Butterfly on a tree trunk by the Big Bridge. At the bridge there were 2 Muskrats carrying green water weeds to their den. They disappeared under water to the den before I could photo them. There were pretty Purple or Lavender wildflowers in that area by the trail. A photo of one. You also had to wade too deep water to get over Swinging Bridge Trail as you can tell by a photo showing the pool of water in the trail. But right at that spot was a Green Heron in the bushes at the water's edge. You can tell by the photo that it was really giving me a bad look. On Beaver Trail by Black Water Swamp this photo shows the basking turtles coming out after the rain and after the sun started coming out. In that area there was a pretty Baltimore Oriole male in the top of a tall tree just singing away. He few off before I could find him to photo. Also Tufted Titmouse and Cardinals and Blackwing blackbirds were in this area. By the pumping station there was a Eastern Phoebe bird sitting on the fence. This photo shows it with a tail that it keeps moving up and down as one of their characteristics. The Cliff Swallows were still at the pumping station. Also some Scissor Tail Flycatchers, 3 of them were flying in this area. They have real long double tails as seen in this photo of one taken earlier this year.

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