Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bona Dea birds and dragonfly Update

Bona Dea was hot and sunny today, Monday. The spillway was running more than yesterday or the day before. It has not rained but probably due to the authorities shutting some of the gates at the Damn across the Arkansas River and causing Lake Dardanelle to rise which is adjacent to Bona Dea. Must be a breach in the dike separating the 2. No Alligator or snakes seen today. But there was a new dragonfly variety showing up in numbers. These were Blue Dasher dragonflies. Also like the male Pond Hawks mentioned in earlier posts but a little different. See photo. Also in Swinging Bridge trail was a Carolina Wren in a tree. Small brown bird in photo. The Day Lily flowers were really blooming as shown in previous post as well as the Pink Wild Roses blooming in other areas in the park. Also a flock of Prothonatary Warblers were on the trail. This photo is of one I took and posted a few weeks back showing their beautiful yellow color. Also a flock of Carolina Chickadees were in the same area. They are the black and white birds with a black cap. At the parking area on Lake Dardanelle across from the park were flocks of American Crows and Cliff Swallows flying around. The catfish came back today for some fish food. It has found that this is a pretty good place to eat. I went over to Beaver Trail and did not see anything except the Red Wing blackbirds around Black Water Swamp. I forgot about the strange Brown Thrasher bird that was in a tree close by and flew off before a photo could be had. It was doing its unusual thing of mocking other bird sounds. I mentioned this with photo in a previous post.

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