Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bona Dea wildflower, alligator, birds Update

Bona Dea was sunny and very warm. On Swinging Bridge Tail there were very pretty orange Day lily wildflowers. Also on another trail close by were several beautiful wild Pink Roses. The blackberries I showed in a recent post showing red berries but today they had already ripened and I actually ate them as well as others on other trails. They were really sweet and tangy. Just very good tasting. There was a Northern Pearly-eye butterfly on the trail and down by the Old Swinging Bridge were 2 pairs of wood Ducks. These 2 males really look pretty in the photo. By the spillway was a Crawfish Den made of mud. It goes down in the hole and brings up mud and packs it up in a stack. I saw it doing this yesterday but it would not stay on top long enough to photo. It moved pretty fast. Also a Boat-tail Grackle blackbird landed close by and then a small black and while Downy Woodpecker came by for a visit. Also 2 Yellow-bellied watersnakes were playing in the downsflow from the spillway and this one was sticking its head out about 2 feet from me. I can't sign off without mentioning I saw the Alligator again today. 2 photos. Tufted Titmouse birds were flying around and I heard the Baltimore Oriole high in the trees. Blackwing blackbirds were in Black Water Swamp. Dragonflies were all over the place today. Swallows were flying around the water by the pumping station. Also at the spillway the 2 Green Herons I talked about yesterday were back and it may be they are fixing to nest right close to where I feed the fish. I believe they are building a nest in a fork of a limb hanging over the water. We will see. Basking turtles were out on their snags in the ponds. The turtles and catfish came back today for some more food.

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