Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bona Dea wildflowers, heron Update

Bona Dea was mostly cloudy and cooler and very mild and nice to be outside. On Swinging Bridge Trail there were some new blooming Wild Pink Roses. Nicer ones that I took on another trail some time ago. Also the Orange Day Lilly wildflowers were really starting to bloom and this pick shows a group of them. At the Spillway the pair of Green Herons were still milling around their nest in the willow tree close by. This is a photo of the nest and then the female heron perched in a limb very close to the nest. She did not want her photo taken as she would try to keep hiding behind the vegetation. The Yellow bellied watersnake came back and just had to take another photo of it. It is noted that the birds have new babies now. I saw some Tufted Titmouse parents feeding young on Waldon Way Trail. Some time ago at the Spillway I saw Carolina Chickadee babies being fed. The Red Wing blackbirds are doing the same thing in Black Water Swamp. Of course the Wood Ducks have lots of young swimming in Prairie Creek and Black Water Swamp. The Canadian Geese have already done their thing and I have not seen any in the park for some time now. I suppose they have moved on with their young. The Blue Gill Brim fish have been spawning since early spring and usually do all through the summer.


shaz said...

snake scare me very good catches..keep working

John said...

Thanks shaz. I don't care much for snakes or spider or rats or mice. Birds are a little safer lol!!