Friday, May 7, 2010

Bona Dea Raccoon and Fawn Update

Dona Dea was cloudy and a lot cooler and very windy today. It was not a day for the birds for sure. I went over Swinging Bridge Trail and over to old swinging bridge and on the deer trail by the spillway. The Belted Kingfisher was really active over that whole area of the park. It is a blue and white bird sorta like a Blue Jay that dives in the water to catch fish. The big black Crows were talking a lot and flying around. There was a bright red male Northern Cardinal flying around the bushes in Goose Pond. Don't know why it like to stay in that area with water all around for such a long time. May have a nest in there. On the deer trail, I saw a Tufted Titmouse really active cleaning the limbs on trees. Speaking of deer trail, a big Raccoon walked up on me at the spillway while I was feeding the Brim fish. It took off after I moved and I was hot after its trail when I jumped a Fawn which is a baby deer. It must have been lying down in the bushes. Don't know who was scared the most. They are really cute with their white spots. It was young enough to have the mother around pretty close but never saw her. There were a few pairs of Wood Ducks on Prairie Creek down downstream from old swinging bridge. Pileated Woodpeckers were still talking to each other in that area. On Lake Dardanelle by the park, the Cliff Swallows were flying around and the Crows were in the dead trees by the bank. I suppose the high wind and cooler temps had the Bullfrogs quite today.

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