Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bona Dea Kingbird, Redwing Blackbird Update

Bona Dea was partly cloudy and not as humid today. Rain expected tonight. I first went to the spillway to feed the fish and saw a family of Canadian Geese in Prairie Creek. I saw the Indigo Bunting birds on Swinging Bridge Trail and some Eastern Kingbirds in Waldon Pond. I then went over on Beaver Trail and things were more active over there. I saw several Redwing Blackbirds. This is a photo of a pretty male with the red spots on its wings. Also in same spot were some Eastern Kingbirds. These are the 2 photos showing the white breast. Also over on Waldon Pond there was a really big Great Blue Heron wading bird. You can see it was really standing up for me to the take pic. There was a Muskrat in Black Water Swamp off Beaver Trail but it went under the water and disappeared before I could take its photo. There were Bluejay birds and Northern Cardinals all over the park. Also some flocks of Boat-tailed Grackles flying around. They are big blackbirds. Also of note is that the next of Northern Cardinals behind my house must have hatched as I saw the empty egg shells when I mowed the yard the other day. They are a sky blue in color. Also at the same spot that we heard the Brown Thrasher bird about a month ago, I heard either it or a Mockingbird singing away in the top of a very tall tree but never saw the bird. On the way out on the trail I saw a butterfly and these 2 photos shows it to be perhaps a Mexican Bluewing but this ID could change later.

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