Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bona Dea birds Update

Bona Dea was sunny and quite a bit warmer and humid today. The water levels at the park was going down. While feeding the Brim and Catfish at the spillway and big Yellow Bellied Watersnake came up the spillway close to me. It went on up into Waldon Pond then stayed close to the bank in front of me and then came up toward me and then back to the water. Hum, wonder what it wanted!!! The Green Heron pair was still maintaining the nest in the tree close by but would only get in their nest when I would back off a ways. A pretty Belted Kingfisher bird landed in the island in Waldon Pond and I took this distance photo of it showing its brown belt around its breast and its blue head and wings. Also close by were baby Carolina Chickadees and their parents were feeding them in the trees. These 2 photos shows one of the baby birds. The Yellow-billed Cuckoo bird was seen in this area again and was just singing away. Over on Beaver Trail the Redwing Blackbirds were doing their thing and it looked like they had some young ones just recently. No alligator seen today. The Pink Roses and Orange Day Lillies wildflowers were really blooming out on Swinging Bridge Trail and the Pink Roses were popping out all over the other trails as well.


Jewel said...

The animals you get in your reserve always seem so exotic compared with us. We did at least have a cuckoo this week, but could only hear it not see it.

John said...

I have had people tell me that you usually hear them and not see them. I guess of feel fortunate that I got a pretty good photo of one. Thanks for your comment.