Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bona Dea Alligator, Woodpecker Update

Bona Dea was mostly sunny turning cloudy late. On Swinging Bridge Trail there was a really big Pileated Woodpecker and actually several others in the area playing around each other. This photo shows a male in the top of a dead tree. The Brim fish were fed at the spillway and also for the first time I have ever seen a catfish in there with them. It is usually a bottom feeder and has long whiskers that can really stick you bad. It ate some of the food pellets too. Also the small Musk Turtles have come back in force this year and some came and ate some pellets. I tried to catch them but had no luck. They come close to the bank. Several American Crows were flying around as were the Belted Kingfisher birds. One landed in the water close to me and grabbed a fish for supper. The Eastern Kingbirds were flying around the island in Waldon Pond. A Tufted Titmouse bird flew in a tree close by. Over on Beaver Trail and on Waldon Way Trail was a family of Wood Ducks with 5 babies. The photo shows them a close family. The Alligator was spotted again today. Northern Cardinals and Blue Jays were flying around the park. Also by the pumping station several Scissor Tail Flycatchers were flying and landing on the power lines. They have really long tails.

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