Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bona Dea Green Heron Update

Bona Dea was cloudy and much cooler today. But the birds were out. On swinging bridge trail there was an Acadian Flycatcher. It is a small greenish gray bird. It was staying very close to the water's edge flying from bush to bush for insects. On Prairie Creek by the spillway there was a Green Heron walking by the water's edge looking for fish to eat. This is the first photo I have been able to take of one. Also at the spillway there was an American Redstart bird. This was the first one I have seen. It stayed in the heavy undergrowth. Very pretty orange and black small Warbler bird. Also in the exact same location was a Ruby Throated Humming bird. One of the smallest birds and can fly in all directions and even hover in place. They have very long and thin beaks to drain nectar from flowers. Also on the trail was a very pretty bright red male Northern Cardinal hopping around looking for food. American Crows were flying around as were flocks of some other variety of blackbirds. The swallow birds were still flying around Lake Dardanelle by the park. The Bullfrogs were croaking in Goose Pond. The fish were fed at the spillway and were hungry today. No snakes or big turtles or Alligator seen today.

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YogaSavy said...

Love the humming bird picture. Am surprised you got a real close up.